About Partner In Your care

Our Team is very passionate about the vision for our company to which everyone at Partner In Your Care is totally committed:
1. Our Vision: Enhancing the lives of our service users and their family / careers
2. Our Mission : To provide high quality services to all of our service users and their careers so that they can remain living safely in their community.

Partner In Your care is newly establish dynamic and successful provider managed by experienced and committed team of professionals who have worked in the Disability, Aged Care, Youth and Child related services.

Our team discusses and plans services that will best suit each individual service user. In consultation with service users and/or their careers we establish needs and requirements and tailor our services to ensure we meet those needs.

  • Why would i want Partner in your care to deliver service?


    Partner In Your Care has one main objective, and that is to provide a service that enhances your quality of life and enables you to continue to live in your own home.

    Support services can take care of many worries of participant who choose to remain in their homes experience. Issues such as loneliness, difficulty with mobility, transport and isolation can be alleviated as we discuss and plan services that will be best suited to each individual Participant.

    In consultation with you, and your family carer , we can identify what services will best meet your needs.

    In addition, through our respite service we can enable family carers to have time to attend to their own needs. Partner In your care services can be provided in time increments from 1 hour up to 24 hours per day 7 days a week. We have a 24 hour on-call number that can be accessed in case of emergency.

    Please feel free to contact one of our friendly Contact Center staff to discuss your needs in more detail.