Choosing Partner in your care as your NDIS Service Provider

Once your application is approved, you can choose Partner in your care as a NDIS service provider - which means the disability services we provide for you will be covered by your NDIS funding. Partner in your care has been involved in the NDIS since the very beginning, and we’re a registered NDIS service provider.

We can provide the following services that we are register under NDIS.
1. Short term accommodation
2. Group/Centre bases activities (Day program )
3. Support independent living accommodation (Group home)
4. Increased social and community participation
5. Improved living arrangements Improved relationships
6. Improved health and well being
7. Assistance with daily life at home in the community, education and at work
8. Development of daily living and life skills
9. Assistance with personal care
10. Domestic assistance
11. Plan Management
12. Support Coordination