Coordination Of Support

Support Coordination involves us helping you get all your supports up and running and operating optimally.

This includes informal, mainstream and community supports, as well as funded supports. Specifically, this might involve help with:

1. Coordinating supports and participating in your community
2. Finding and securing specialist disability accommodation
3. Making sure services such as housing, education, justice and health meet their obligations
4. Supporting you to achieve greater independence to self-direct services and supports in the longer term
5. Being there for you in times of crisis
6. Providing the NDIA with reports on outcomes and success indicators within the agreed reporting frequency

Our Coordination of Supports team support people with disability, families and carers to:

1. Feel in control of their supports
2. Find Support in the local community
3. Be more informed about all available options
4. Maximise supports
5. Feel more connected
6. Receive assistance with making decisions about the future
7. Increase confidence

What we can offer
Our qualified, accredited and committed team can provide two different levels of support for customers.

Support Coordination Support: Coordination is suitable if customers receive multiple or complex supports from a range of providers. It has an increased focus on addressing barriers to participation in accessing services and resolving those issues. Once you are receiving services, we monitor progress, resolving any further arising issues and suggesting adjustment of ongoing support when required.

Our team has experience in crisis resolution and will work to increase individual’s resilience so they can reach their potential.

Specialist Support Coordination: Specialist Support Coordination is time limited and focuses on overcoming significant barriers preventing access to service delivery. We can assist if customers are at a high risk level by reducing complexities within the support environment.